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Station Data

MMSI 316033437
Vessel Name CHIMO
Vessel Owner Name
(Last, First OR Company Name)
General Classification PLEASURECRAFT
Individual Classification 1 MOTOR BOAT
Individual Classification 2  
Ship Station Group MMSI
(if vessel belongs to a group)
Gross Tonnage 5
Capacity for Persons on Board 8
Radio Installation Information/Vessel length VHF/DSC, RADAR, AIS, GPS / 7.62 METRES
Call Sign CFK9416
Selective Call Number 1
Selective Call Number 2
Number of Life Boats
Nature of Service 1  
Nature of Service 2  
Services Available Services Available
Services Available  
Telegraphy Frequency Bands
Telephony Frequency Bands
Accounting Authority (AAIC)
AAIC Used for Inmarsat
(if a separate entity from the above)
Vessel Identification Number BC5490462
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