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Search Parameters

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Nine digit Maritime Mobile Service Identity beginning with 00316.
Vessel Name
Name of the vessel.
Vessel Owner Name
Name of an individual, individuals or company.
Call Sign
Radio call sign as issued by Industry Canada.
Vessel Identification Number
The six digit Offical Number as issued by Transport Canada or the seven digit IMO Number as issued by the International Maritime Organization.
Inmarsat Identity
Inmarsat Mobile Number(s) (IMN) assigned to each Inmarsat mobile terminal on board. Each field will hold up to 13 characters.
Nine digit IMNs can be entered in a field individually or by using either a dash (-) in the tenth position to indicate a range of consecutive identities (ie. 431605710-713) or a forward slash (/) in the tenth position to indicate a pair of non-consecutive identities (ie. 431605710/20). If such a scope is being defined, the system will expect a two digit or a three digit number greater than the last two or the last three digits of the nine digit IMN provided.
Seven digit IMNs assigned to Inmarsat-A mobile terminals can only be entered individually.
IMNs begin with a prefix indicating the Inmarsat standard. Using the table below, you can determine the Inmarsat standard of any given IMN.
Inmarsat-A = Seven digit IMN beginning with 1 (ie. 1562365).
Inmarsat-B = Nine digit IMN beginning with 3 (ie. 331612117).
Inmarsat-C = Nine digit IMN beginning with 4 (ie. 431600150).
Inmarsat-M = Nine digit IMN beginning with 6 (ie. 631610513).
Inmarsat Mini-M or M4 = Nine digit IMN beginning with 76 (ie. 762385366).


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