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Modify an application in progress

You do not have to complete a licence application in a single session on the Web. That is, you can complete certain components of your application as the information becomes available. As long as the components are completed in a valid fashion and added to your application (that is, saved using the Save button), you may log off without actually submitting the application itself, until it is complete. When you log on again, the application, along with its status, will be listed on the Land Mobile Application List or Microwave Application List, and the components that were previously completed will be available for modification, if required. (On the Application List, look in the Application Status column to determine if the application has been submitted.)

Such modification and addition to applications can be performed at any time before the application itself is submitted. Once the application status is "Submitted", it can no longer be changed.

To modify an application in progress:

  1. From the Main Menu, click Land Mobile Application or Microwave Application in the Licence Applications area.
  2. When requested, enter your user name and password to log on to your Web Profile.

The Land Mobile Application List or Microwave Applications list is displayed.

  1. Select your in-progress application from the list of applications (remember that the status must be "Not Submitted").
  2. Move through the components of the application, making any required changes or additions. As each form is complete, click Save on that form to apply the changes to the application package.

You can modify your application as many times as you require before it is submitted. Once the application has been evaluated, a licence number is assigned to it, and that number is posted in your account. You can then browse the application, and keep aware of the ALS application status, using the Land Station Browser.