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Frequency Range (MHz)
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  • These results do not include protected frequency records. Valid EMC studies require coordination with protected frequency owners. To obtain a list of protected frequency owners by microwave frequency band and longitude range, go to the Protected Microwave Frequency Information Search. For frequencies below 933 MHz, coordination with protected frequency owners must be done via Industry Canada.
  • Search results include pending frequency assignments. Pending frequencies are not authorized assignments and are subject to being changed prior to final authorization. However, these frequencies will be protected from harmful interference and should be considered part of the spectrum environment. Use the "Frequency Status" field to determine its status, if necessary. Pending frequencies are listed as Frequency Status "0".
  • Broadcast stations are assigned temporary account and licence numbers, for administrative use, that may appear in the search results. The interpretation of the frequency status codes is the following:
    • Code 0: Available channel, channel either unused, proposed, subjected to an application gazetted by the CRTC or to a tentative deletion.
    • Code 1: Approved station by CRTC but either not yet authorized for construction by Industry Canada, authorized for construction by Industry Canada and currently being built or under on-air testing.
    • Code 6: Operational station, temporary, short duration or normal operation.
  • The fields made available have been chosen to provide comprehensive technical information on two-way radiocommunication systems. For broadcasting stations, fields that are only applicable to radiocommunication stations will be blank.
  • Information on Amateur is not available.
  • Detailed information on Spectrum Licences can be found in the Spectrum Licence Browser
  • Except for the Geographical Area Search. Company codes identified in range 0839xxxxx, 0909xxxxx, 0919xxxxx or 0939xxxxx with a Licence Number that is NOT in the 8xxxxxx range, contain Spectrum Licence information identified only by the lower and upper band of the frequency block allocated.
  • Third-Party Information Liability Disclaimer:
    The Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences has been provided by external sources. The Government of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources. Users wishing to rely upon this information should consult directly with the source of the information. Content provided is not subject to official languages, privacy and accessibility requirements .
  • Until the transition to the new submission system of Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences is completed, data for some site specific technical information for AWS, PCS or Cellular may only be found from the Geographical Area Search and will appear under company code range 092900000 to 092999999 with temporary licence numbers. This data has been provided by the licensee and has not been verified.
  • For clients that have already converted to the new submission system of Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences.
    Data for site specific technical information for all types of Spectrum Licences can be found in all Radio Frequency Searches. For search purposes, the records have been assigned temporary licence numbers and frequency record identifiers. A search prioritizing Spectrum Licences Technical Data is also available at Environment Search of Spectrum Licences Technical Data in the "Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences" menu. This data has been provided by the licensee and has not been verified. The Department assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this data.
  • Client data in the cellular, PCS and AWS bands should be searched for by specifying the band limit frequencies (Cellular: 869-894/824-849 MHz, PCS: 1930-1995/1850-1915 MHz, AWS : 1670-1675/2110-2155/1710-1755/1910-1915/1990-1995 MHz). Individual channels may not be available.
  • Information on non-site specific licences (affiliated mobiles, LMCS, etc.) are not available using a Geographical Area Search. The Frequency Range Search should be used for these type of licences.
  • Information in coded fields can be decoded using the Radio Frequency Search Field Decode Files.
  • The search can retrieve a maximum of 65,000 records for HTML and XML and 65,000 records for ASCII. If your search criteria would return more than the maximum number of records, an error message will appear and no results will be displayed. If this happens, please narrow your search criteria.
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