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Browse or Print your Certificate

Browse or Print your Certificate

  • Use these options to browse, download or print a Broadcasting Certificate in PDF format.
Apply for a Broadcasting Certificate

Apply for a Broadcasting Certificate

Application List

List of all your applications for any type of service. You can also modify or cancel an application before it is submitted.

List My Applications
  • Please login before accessing the Broadcasting Certificate application forms.
  • If your Web account has multiple associated broadcasting accounts, use the Select Active Broadcaster option to select the broadcasting account that your applications and cancellations are submitted under.
  • Apply for broadcasting certificates for new AM, FM, Analog TV, or DTV undertakings or apply for modifications to existing AM, FM, Analog TV, or DTV undertakings.
  • Do not use site attestation section of application – always attach attestation as a file.
  • FM - regular power:
  • FM - low power:
  • AM - regular and low power:
  • Analog TV - regular and low power:
  • DTV - regular power:
  • DTV - low power:
Download Broadcasting Database

Download Broadcasting Database

  • Use these options to download broadcasting database files in ZIP format. You can also download the user manual for the broadcasting database files.

  • Please note that the HAAT and EHAAT values for DTV allotments in the database files were calculated using the CDED geographical database and are provided for information only.

  • The U.S. DTV Allotments from the 600 MHz repacking and the U.S. operational TV stations which require protection from Canadian proposals during the 600MHz transition are now available in the broadcasting database files. The antenna patterns are at 1 degree intervals and may vary slightly from those published by the FCC.

View Available Callsign List

Available Callsign List for Broadcasting Stations

  • Use these options to browse the Available Callsign List for Broadcasting Stations.

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