Spectrum Management System Data

Spectrum Management System Information
  • Search results include broadcast stations.
    The broadcasting database files can be used to obtain additional broadcast station data.
  • Please note the following issues with the radio frequency search options:
    • Tx Effective Radiated Power (ERP) values in the search results are actually EIRP values for frequencies above 960 MHz.
    • Any reported values for Conformity to Frequency Plan, Rx Threshold Level for BER 10e-3 [dBW], and Station Location should be disregarded for Earth Station records.

Data Search:

  • The various search tools provide real-time access to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Spectrum Management System database.

The value of Tx transmitter power [W] is incorrectly set to 0 dBW in the search results for all Spectrum Licence frequencies (Service = 85: Spectrum Licence). As a result, the value of Tx effective radiated power (ERP) [dBW] for these frequencies is also incorrect. The correct Tx transmitter power can be obtained in the Spectrum Licences Site Data download file found below.

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