FAQ: E-Invoicing and Licensing

 1: What is the E-Invoicing and Licensing concept?

As one of the many steps to align ourselves with current business practices, the Spectrum Management Program is implementing the new Paperless Invoicing and Licensing functionality.

Licence holders will receive electronic notifications for their invoices and licences via email instead of printed copies sent by mail.

The E-Invoicing and Licensing concept is replacing the Spectrum Management Program's existing, paper-based, radio licence invoicing and licensing process with one that is electronic-based and licensee friendly. Rather than consulting a paper document that may or may not be current, licensees have an anytime-anywhere access, via the Internet, to their invoice information, with the option to print hard copies of their invoices if they wish to do so. If you operate a marine vessel or aircraft and require a hard copy of your licence you may print it out from SMS Online.

 2: Why is the Spectrum Management Program implementing Paperless Invoicing and Licensing? Why not continue to issue paper for new licences and invoices?

The Spectrum Management Program issues thousands of new licences and invoices annually. The Paperless initiative will align with current business practices, reduce its paper usage and be more environmentally friendly. The initiative also promotes an easy, flexible, and efficient method for licensees to receive and view invoices as well as licences.

 3: When will this changeover take place?

The changeover started October 1st, 2018. On that date, licensees started receiving e-mails with links to download and pay their invoice when their licence application is authorized in SPECTRA. During this transition phase, both paper and e-mail copies of the invoices were sent out to licensees. In December, SPECTRA was upgraded to fully enable Paperless Invoicing. At this time, licensees received an e-mail containing instructions on how to opt out of receiving paper invoices by clicking a link that will allow them to edit their correspondence options on the Spectrum Management website.

 4: Will the Spectrum Management Program continue to issue paper invoices?

Currently, the Spectrum Management Program will continue to issue paper invoices to accommodate licensees based on the user’s preferences. In the upcoming years the Spectrum Management Program plans on making paperless invoicing the only method of correspondence.

 5: As a Canadian taxpayer, how is this transition to the E-Invoicing and Licensing going to benefit me?

The transition to the Paperless Invoicing and Licensing will reduce the resources required for the radio licence invoicing process. This includes, but is not limited to, invoice paper, envelopes and staff to fold and prepare invoices for mailout. As this initiative will encourage licensees to pay online, this will reduce the staff required to process payments.

The Spectrum Management Program will save approximately 350,000 sheets of paper by implementing this initiative and become more environmentally friendly. This will also allow invoicing to become easier and payment options more accessible to licensees.

 6: Is the Minister not required by law to issue hard copy licences and invoices?

No. Neither the Radiocommunication Act nor the Radiocommunication Regulations specify the form in which a radio licence must be issued.

Section 33 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act permits any Minister of the Crown to "... use electronic means to create, collect, receive, store, transfer, distribute, publish or otherwise deal with documents or information whenever a federal law does not specify the manner of doing so." Section 35(4) of that Act notes that any federal law that allows for the issuance of a paper document now includes the authority to issue the document electronically.

For operators of marine vessels and aircraft who are engaged in foreign voyages, foreign administrators will want to see hard copy licences. You may obtain a copy of your licence online anytime to view and print at your convenience.

 7: I am a new SMS Online user. How do I access my invoice or licence?

You will need to create an online profile with your shared secret code. To register as a new user, please see the following link: https://sms-sgs.ic.gc.ca/registration/applicationWizard?execution=e1s1&lang=en_CA

You can pay your radio licence fee without logging in. However, you must login to your account to perform any other activity. You may view your invoice any time on the SMS Online website.

 8: I received my invoice, but I want to modify or cancel one of my licences. How do I modify or cancel a licence?

You will need to contact Spectrum / Spectre with your request including the account number, invoice number and licence number to modify or cancel.

 9: My account information (i.e. name, address, e-mail address, etc.) is out-of-date. How do I update my information?

Please contact your ISED office with your request including your account number and necessary information.

 10: What if I have other questions about my radio licence?

Please contact your ISED office with your questions including your account number.

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