Requirements for Submission of Technical Data

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You are expected to upload the technical data for each new or modified station in accordance with your spectrum licence conditions. The Department requests that you refresh your information even if no changes have been done since your last upload. The specific time frames are identified in the List of Spectrum Licence Types.

The <<Next Upload Due by>> indicator only applies if there has been no data changes during that period.

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Wireless Services

The operation of a spectrum licence does not require the submission of applications containing technical data for the utilization of each station. The licensee will instead be assigned a spectrum licence to establish and operate one or more stations on specific channels, in specific frequency bands in a defined geographic area. Although none of the stations are assigned individual licences, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada requires this information to make it available to all stakeholders. This information is used to manage and coordinate the use of spectrum and antenna towers in Canada. There is no option to perform online data entry.

Please review all information pages to become familiar with the data formats accepted by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the various features available.

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Data Format Requirements

Basic File Upload Concepts

  • The process of uploading the station data is a two-step process: the first step is to upload and the second step is to import (click on the details of the uploading to see the “import” button)
  • Site data uploads are by licence number.
    • The licence number must be for a valid spectrum licence for the specified account. The account must be associated to the web account uploading the account.
    • The licence must be paid for and Active.
    • Any previously existing site data for the licence is removed and replaced by the current data that is being uploaded. This means data uploads can be broken up into several files, as long as data belonging to the same licence is kept together (in the same file). If data associated to the same licence number is broken up and submitted in, say, two data upload files, then the second file will overwrite the first.
  • The following has no effect on data uploads.
    • The file name.
    • The account. Although the licence is validated against the account, data upload files can contain more than just a single account. Also, accounts can be broken up across data upload files (as long as data belonging to the same licence is kept together).

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada accepts two data formats for data upload, XML and delimited text.

XML File Format

The XML files are text files where data is embedded between tags as described under the XML Schema for Upload of Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences. For more information please read Information on the XML Data Format.

Delimited Text Format

A delimited text file is a file where each data item is separated by a comma delimiter as described on the page Text Format for the Upload of Technical Data for Stations Authorized under Spectrum Licences. For more details please read Information on Delimited Text Data Format.

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New Users Uploading Technical Data

New users uploading technical data must create a Web Account. This account will be associated with your Spectrum Licence account number assigned by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Web Account to Upload your Technical Data

Account numbers have been assigned to all companies that operate spectrum licences in Canada. The legacy account numbers appear as "07-08xxxxxxx" or "07-09xxxxxxx." Account numbers in the upgraded Spectrum Management System appear as “007090900999” for migrated accounts or “100000000999” for new accounts. These accounts are used to record information about the spectrum licence, billing and related information on the spectrum licence operation.

To use the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada system to upload your technical data for authorized stations under a spectrum licence, you must connect to the Spectrum Management System with a web account (username and password) which will be associated with a Spectrum Licence account number. Please refer to the page Information on Web Accounts for more information. If you are a new licensee, upon creation of a Web Account, your account number will be assigned automatically by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. If you want to upload data associated with multiple Spectrum Licences accounts using the same Web Account, you must add the additional accounts to your Web Account.

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